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No more teams will be accepted.

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Our services for this event.

Our services for this event.

We are offering a team link via Dropbox for any team who pre-registers their game times. Our photographers will be taking an average of 50-100 photo’s per game, depending on the flow of each game of course. Our photographers will pay special attention to getting shots of each player on the team both in action and on the bench, the coaches and even some of the enthusiastic parents in the stands. Each photo will be taken at a high resolution JPEG to allow printing of all sizes. Each team will be provided a link through Dropbox which you may download you’re images after the event. Pending on play and team registration the photographer shooting your game could be photographing both teams on your court. In this case for those games all those images will be included in your team stick. It will be your responsibility to remove those images of the other players that you do not want from your team. With this type of coverage one photographer is NOT assigned to your entire game, but to a portion of a game as they have other teams to shoot during the same time period.

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For now we just need your contact information. Registration will close 2 weeks before the event weekend takes place – no exceptions. We will set you up with a user name and password so you can log in during the tournament to book your game times. Once your account is set up we will send you a PDF explaining how to book your time slots during the tournament. Please note: The photographers are only responsible for covering the games that have been registered.

It's easy to sign up.
Payment Information.

Payment Information.

Payment for this service will be taken care of at the event. The cost for this service is $250 plus HST (13%). Payment methods accepted : Cash, VISA, Mastercard. Cheques will be accepted with a credit card as back up. Payment is required on the first day of your games, at our booth. During the event DSP will be set up Forbes Hall at Rim Park along with other vendors. If assistance is needed for the court booking process, come by the booth so we can help you with this! Please contact us with any further questions.